Essential Tile Information - Ordering

Information for ordering tiles and tile maintenance.

Use this essential guide for ordering tiles, what to do and not to do with your tiles after installation, maintaining your tiles, and frequently asked questions.

Ordering Tiles

  1. Calculate the area you need to tile.
  2. Make your tile selection.
  3. We recommend you purchase all your tile requirements in one transaction.

To avoid shade variation we recommend purchasing all your tile requirements at the same time. Shade variation may occur in different batches from the manufacturer. During installation the tiles should be taken from several boxes to ensure that a desirable ‘blend’ is achieved across the area being tiled.

Please note that no claims for shade variations will be considered after the tiles have been installed.

On Delivery

  1. Check the order is correct - product type, size, quantity, colour and surface.
  2. Check there are NO damages and that you’ve received one shade per type of tile.
  3. Notify Metro Tiles within 48 hours if you are not completely satisfied with your order. No claim will be accepted after 48 hours from the time of delivery or once tiles have been installed.