Essential Info - Do's & Dont's

Help hints for ordering tiles and tile maintenance.

Use this essential guide for ordering tiles, what to do and not to do with your tiles after installation, maintaining your tiles, and frequently asked questions.

Tile Do's

  • After installation, apply tile and grout sealer in order to maintain your tiled surfaces.
  • Rugs or mats may be used (especially in entryways and exits) to avoid unnecessary dirt and grit entering the house, this may also help avoid slipping or scratching.
  • Always perform routine cleaning maintenance to your tiled surfaces. Conduct a routine maintenance check of your tile for dirt, stains, or cracks.
  • Always use dirt-free, clean water during cleaning. Ensure you frequently make a new cleaning solution to avoid reintroducing dirt to the tiled surface.

Tile Don'ts

  • Don’t use bleach or any acidic solutions to clean your tiles: they may cause more harm than good.
  • Don’t use harsh scouring pads or steel wool. They may scratch and damage the surface of the tile.
  • Don’t neglect to understand the limitations of your tile. Each tile is manufactured for a specific purpose, check the suitability of the tiles are fit for the use of your intentions.
  • Don’t assume tiles are indestructible. Though durable, they may crack and chip if they are subject to unnecessary force, weight or neglect.